Earl Grey Lemonade

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Recipe: Un dejeuner de soleil's limonata alla lavanda e rosmarino
Total time: half hour to steep tea, 5 minutes to juice lemons
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: lemons, earl grey

Oh my goodness gracious. I have found the best drink I have ever tasted. It combines my favorite tea with my favorite summer drink; if you like Arnold Palmers, you’ll like this lemonade made with Earl Grey tea. (Kelly Prizel, you need to try this immediately!)

I was inspired to make the original recipe using lavender and rosemary, but on this hot summer day, neither were to be found in our cupboard. We did, however, still have a ton of loose Earl Grey tea. We decided to give this a shot.

The resulting drink has the lemon tang with a soothing floral citrus flavor, and a hint of bergamot. If you like sweeter lemonades, then definitely add more sugar – this recipe is for a very tart, fresh lemonade. The tea isn’t overwhelming; it just adds a really subtle and new flavor that’s incredibly refreshing.

I can’t wait to try this again with other kinds of teas. We used four teaspoons of loose Earl Grey and the rest of the recipe as-is. It resulted in these two servings of lemonade, which certainly wouldn’t be enough for a party or even a dinner for four. I’d recommend tripling or quadrupling the recipe for a larger party.

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  1. Zach Prez says:

    My wife’s Irish, so I’ve been “trained” to get my fill of daily tea. This is one of my favorites as well to get a sweet caffeine fix. Something about the iced mason jars just makes it look and taste better! Sometimes I’ll spice things up with a slice of strawberry for color.

    No lemonade? That happened to me once and I was able to substitute orange juice and maintain a stellar beverage!

  2. Halie says:

    This looks and sounds fantastic! You have some incredible recipes on here, I’ll have to check back for more! I recently made lavender lemonade (I haven’t posted about it, yet, though) and it is one the most refreshing summer drinks ever. I’m a huge fan of anything combined with lemonade, so I’ll definitely be trying this twist on the classic Arnold Palmer at some point — perhaps with green tea? I bet it’ll beat the Starbucks version.


  3. Vincent Logozio says:

    Hi wow I looked at original recipe website but I am not french how do you read it if you are not french thanks

  4. My boyfriend’s going to freak when I show him this recipe!

  5. Monique says:

    Oh this sounds lovely!

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