Easy, Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

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Recipe: Amy Sedaris' Vanilla Cupcakes
Total time: 5 minutes prep, 20 minutes baking
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: none!

.These cupcakes are not only my new favorite because they are quick and easy to make. They’re also my favorite because you’ll likely already have all of the ingredients in your house, and they’re absolutely delicious. Amy Sedaris had definitely created the quintessential vanilla cupcake recipe.

Firstly – Sedaris, really? As in Strangers with Candy? Indeed, Sedaris has been writing books on cooking, crafting, and lots more recently. You should check out some of her recent crafting videos on her YouTube channel.

These cupcakes will come in handy for me down the line. Today, I needed a simple cupcake in preparation for my Michael’s decorating class so I had something to decorate. Vanilla cupcakes to the rescue! Tomorrow, I may need cupcakes to try a new filling in, or something to satisfy my husband’s craving for vanilla baked goods. Vanilla cupcakes to the rescue!

This recipe cooked for exactly 18 minutes in my oven and had perfectly golden edges. I didn’t worry too much about overmixing the batter, and they didn’t sink or puff up at all. I’ve had them for a few days now, and they haven’t gotten stale at all in the fridge. These are truly the perfect cupcakes for any occasion; they’re delicious on their own (without frosting or filling), or they could be paired with just about any frosting/filling combination.

Check out Amy Sedaris’ book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence for more awesome recipes.

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  1. These really do look like the perfect basic cupcake! Such a useful recipe to have and I will be saving this for future cupcake adventures :)

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