Texas Chocolate Chip Cookies

05/25/2011 by Lara • 2 Comments Pin It

Recipe: Life's Too Short to Skip Dessert's Texas Chocolate Chip Cookies
Total time: 5 minutes prep, 10 minutes baking
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: Jiffy corn mix

Jiffy Corn Muffin MixTime to test out our next chocolate chip cookie recipe! This time, the secret ingredient is Jiffy corn muffin mix.

Brad, my husband, uses Jiffy as well as yellow cake mix in his all-star cornbread, so we had some around ready to go when I wanted to try this chocolate chip cookie bake-off!

Out of the three chocolate chip cookie recipes I tried this week, this one was the most people’s favorite. I wasn’t convinced but I absolutely can see the appeal: these cookies are lighter, feel a little healthier, and have a really fun texture. I still kept them normal-cookie-size, but because they’re Texas cookies, you could absolutely try making them quite a bit larger!

The only thing I’d recommend changing about this recipe is adding in more chocolate chips. One cup just didn’t seem like enough was all said and done, so I added another half cup!

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

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  1. Erika Beth says:

    Yay! I’m glad someone else tried these. I agree with you – most people loved these cookies. I liked them a lot, but I’m not sure how much they appeal to me in the long run. I HAVE had cravings for them recently, so I guess they are better than I’m letting myself admit. :)

  2. Katie says:

    Wow! I’m definitely going to have to try these!

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