Sweetened condensed milk chocolate chip cookies

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Recipe: Figs and Brie's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Total time: 10 minutes prep, 15 minutes baking
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, caster sugar

Thus begins a week of chocolate chip cookie recipes! We’re kicking it off with a subtle change to the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe: sweetened condensed milk.

These cookies are soft with a little crunch on the bottom. They’re sweet but not sugary. They’re ideal right out of the oven, but hold up really well afterward. These chocolate chip cookies are not crumbly at all – they’re really a delight to bake and to eat!

I was amazed as I was baking them as to how really easy the batter was to work with. The cookies weren’t too sticky and played nice with my cookie scoop! They make the most perfect cookie drops before you stick them in the oven:

These are definitely up in my list of “perfect chocolate chip cookie” recipes! I’ll keep some sweetened condensed milk around just in case from here on out.

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  1. betty says:

    luv condensed milk!

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