Best Brownies Ever

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Recipe: Sweet Lydia's Best Brownies Ever
Total time: 10 minutes (plus brownie baking time)
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: peanut butter, caramel or Nutella, Sweet Lydia's Marshmallows

Brownies. Peanut butter. (Or Nutella. Or caramel.) One toasted homemade gooey marshmallow to top it all off. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot!

This is another of the amazing recipes from Sweet Lydia’s Marshmallow Guide. Lydia is a friend of mine, and I was lucky enough to do the pictures and taste test all of the recipes for it! All of the recipes in the cookbooklet use a bag of her homemade marshmallows. This one is easily one of my favorites, because holy moly, when you cut into the brownie you’ll be greeted with your choice of peanut butter, Nutella, or caramel!

Best Brownies Ever

1 recipe brownies
Peanut butter, Nutella, caramel or all three
1 bag of 8 Sweet Lydia’s Vanilla Marshmallows (or your favorite flavor)

Bake your favorite brownie recipe in a 9 x 9-inch pan until toothpick comes out clean. Cut brownies into 9 3 x 3-inch brownies. Scoop out about 1 teaspoon of brownie from the center of each and reserve centers for eating.

Spoon 1 tbsp of peanut butter, Nutella or caramel into the center crater and cover with 1 Vanilla Marshmallow.

Place marshmallow-topped brownie under broiler on high for 30-60 seconds or until golden and toasted. Keep a close eye on brownies, the magic happens quickly.

Remove and serve warm.

For more recipes, check out Sweet Lydia’s Marshmallow Guide!

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