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Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

10/13/2011 by Lara • 6 Comments Pin It

Recipe: Raspberri Cupcakes' Mint Chocolate Chip Cake
Total time: 1.5 hours
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: caster sugar, peppermint essence, semisweet chocolate

Thank goodness I have a mother-in-law with good taste in birthday cakes.

This past week we traveled to my in-laws to celebrate her birthday. Brad gave me some tips on what she might like for her cake – I was stoked to create something minty and chocolatey for her. This easily ties for first place with another cake I made when visiting them (chai cake with honey ginger cream). It’s super chocolatey and the mint is just perfect; it really reminds your taste buds of ice cream!


Earl Grey Chocolate Cupcakes with Lavender Frosting

06/03/2011 by Lara • 8 Comments Pin It

Recipe: What We're Eating's Fudgy Earl Grey Chocolate Cake
Total time: 30 minutes
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: earl gray tea, buttermilk

Eager to use my homemade lavender extract, I baked up a whole bunch of different kinds of Earl Grey cupcakes to pair with a lavender buttercream frosting. I purchased a ton of loose Earl Grey tea from Atlantic Spice and went to town!