Pink Grapefruit Yogurt Cupcakes

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Recipe: Ryan's Baking Blog - Pink Grapefruit Yogurt Cupcakes
Total time: 1.5 hours
Ease: Easy
Unusual ingredients: grapefruit zest, yogurt, grapefruit juice

I’ve been itching to play with some more fruit in my baked goods. I got a call from my friend Lydia who was having some folks over for dinner, and I quickly checked the fridge – what did my husband have at hand? Could it be – we had all the makings of yogurt cupcakes? And a grapefruit to boot? Enter the pink grapefruit yogurt cupcake.

Right off the bat, I knew these were going to be good – rainbows started showing up all over the kitchen! Reflecting off our counters, my mixing bowl – these cupcakes were going to have some serious happiness baked in to them.

As soon as I’d created the grapefruit sugar, I knew that these would be extraordinarily photogenic as well – I mean, look at that! Don’t you want to just eat that straight?

Now, we only have one muffin tin, so I was thankful that the recipe only turned out 12 cupcakes. There was just enough batter left over to enjoy some of it straight while the cupcakes baked – and it is delicious all on its own!

I actually doubled the amount of grapefruit in the recipe, since I didn’t think that the grapefruit taste was strong enough over the yogurt flavor. (I did the same for the frosting later – double the amount of grapefruit juice.) My husband is a master zester/juicer and milked that grapefruit for all it was worth.

The recipe’s baking directions were spot-on: when I took them out, they were perfectly golden just on the edges, and toothpicks came out clean. Everything was going swimmingly, until we realized we were out of confectioner’s sugar!

My husband is a saint, and went out to get some more so I could ice these bad boys. I took the opportunity to further document their gorgeousness.

I iced them (seriously, one of these days I really have to watch a YouTube video or something on how to pipe for real) and we took them over to Lydia’s. There, they were consumed almost immediately.

Final tips:

  • double the amount of grapefruit zest and juice you use in the components. It’s worth it, and will balance out the strong yogurt and cream cheese flavors of the batter and icing, respectively.
  • I chose to add a little pink food dye to the icing; you may want to do so as well!

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  1. This sounds so delicious! So glad I found your photo on Foodgawker to lead me here :)

  2. i think your icing job is sweet :) these sound great!

  3. blogbytina! says:

    yum! I love grapefruit but have never thought to use it in a cupcake!

  4. they look great, I’m glad you enjoyed them!

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