Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes with Homemade Bailey’s

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Recipe: Smitten Kitchen's Car Bomb Cupcakes
Total time: 30 minutes prep, 30 minutes baking, 30 minutes filling/decorating
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: stout, sour cream, heavy cream, Irish Whiskey, Bailey's

Few things were more fun than making this cupcake and seeing my coworker’s faces when they realized what it was.

The cupcake is comprised of three parts: a stout cupcake (Guinness), an Irish Whiskey ganache filling (Jameson), and a Irish cream liqueur frosting (Bailey’s). Hence, the Irish car bomb cupcake.

My sister sent me this recipe and I decided to make it after making our own homemade Irish cream liqueur (Bailey’s). It’s super easy to do and added to the fun of making these cupcakes. And honestly, it’s so much cheaper than buying your own Bailey’s!

Because the cupcake was so dense because of the beer, I would recommend using cake flour instead of all purpose flour, or lightening the cupcake in another way. You really can’t taste the beer (or really, any of the alcohol) in any part of the cupcake unless you know it’s there. It’s just a really delicious surprise!

One of the most fun parts were cutting out the holes for the ganache filling. I had a whole bowl of the holes that we consumed while watching Stripes that night.

Final tips:

  • feel free to go overboard on the amount of whiskey you put in the ganache, or liqueur you put in the frosting. The taste is barely noticeable in both.
  • keep the cake batter light by using cake flour or another technique, since the beer can make it a little dense.

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  1. Elissa says:

    They’re a hit at every work party! Love the notes, too! I was wondering how to make the cake batter less dense – just because my recipes have always been reallyyyy heavy.

  2. They look so rich and yummy!!

  3. Xiaolu says:

    Glad you liked the recipe for homemade Irish Cream. Your cupcakes look divine!

  4. Shumaila says:

    These are the stuff dreams are made of! Bookmarking the recipe- love it!

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