Pecan Linzer Cookies

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Recipe: Martha Stewart's Pecan Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling
Total time: 3.5 hours
Ease: Intermediate
Unusual ingredients: Pecan halves, jam of your choice

Brad and I were heading to meet up with his parents yesterday and I wanted to bake them something special – not just the average cookie!

I’d saved this Martha Stewart recipe for a while, and realized we had all the ingredients in our cupboards, including a guava jam that Brad had been saving (yum!). Instead of using more traditional cookie cutter shapes, we opted for hearts, with a smaller heart cutout in the center.

I won’t kid you: rolling and cutting those cookies was stressful. Too much flour on the rolling pin and the dough would break or flake; too little and it’d tear apart as it stuck to the pin or the board. It was quite a workout, and thankfully I had lots of moral support from Brad as we went!

Be sure to keep track of how many cookies you’re making as you go: too many tops or bottoms and you’ll have an uneven number for the sandwiches.

I was thrilled to try out my new stacked wire cooling rack. It was perfect for this job, and even more perfect for transporting sets of cookies back and forth to be dusted with confectioner’s sugar.

Brad was the best man for the sugar sprinkling job. These cookies really are a work of art – and your work surface will be too!

As we assessed the cookie parts, we realized that the tops of the cookies hadn’t expanded as the bottoms had (presumably because of the missing dough in the center of them). So we were careful to not put jam all the way to the edges of the bottom cookies, so there wasn’t any showing except for the center heart cutout.

We packaged them up in a little cookie tin for transport, and they were a not-too-sweet, delicious end to our meal!

Final tips:

  • use a very small cookie cutter to remove the center area – a larger one may cause the cookie to not expand as much as the cookie bottoms during the baking process
  • use a jam of your choice – truly any will work. We skipped the step where we heated up the jam and it still worked out great!
  • be patient during the rolling process, and be careful to not use too much flour on your pin or work surface.

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