Green tea swirl cookies

06/13/2011 by Lara • 4 Comments Pin It

Recipe: Foodbeam's Snail-like vanilla and green tea sabl├ęs
Total time: 20 minutes prep, 1 hour chill, 15 minutes bake
Ease: Hard
Unusual ingredients: vanilla pod, green tea

In short: these cookies did not turn out as planned.

Continuing with our June tea theme, I was eager to make these gorgeous swirl cookies. And after trying to eat one… I was only eager to photograph them!

I’m not sure where I went wrong. Did I get a conversion wrong? Did I mix the dough for too long? Did I not let it chill enough? Something went very wrong as I made these, and the cookies turned out… I’m not sure how to put it. They were too crumbly, had a very strange taste, and were not a delight at all to eat. But – they are beautiful!

I didn’t use matcha powder – I used regular green tea that I ground up with a mortar and pestle (which hasn’t caused me flavor problems in the past). I also substituted my vanilla paste for the vanilla pod – again, it’s have caused me issues before. So what could it have been?

I’m not sure if I’ll have the guts to try them again. So if you try them – could you let me know how it goes? Maybe let me know where I must have gone wrong? In the meantime, enjoy the pretty swirls!

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  1. Jamie says:

    Hey Lara –

    For a bake sale recently I made something similar to these cookies: The recipe I had did call for vanilla, and I used vanilla extract I had made myself from vanilla beans. (They’re not that expensive here, I could probably send you some if you want!) I also used a cheap matcha powder… and they were DELICIOUS.

    Happy tea baking :)

    (ps – my favorite ice cream shop out here makes earl gray ice cream. also sometimes they make wine flavors… and it reminds me of dairy godmother!)

    • Lara says:

      Nice! I should definitely try this again with the matcha powder. And I’m so glad that you’ve found a DG-like shop :) Jealous!

  2. poppycorn says:

    I would have said it was the green tea substitute instead of matcha, but if it worked out fine before, I don’t know why it wouldn’t this time. Sorry I can’t help you more – I’ve had Fanny’s escargot cookies on my to-bake list for quite some time, but haven’t actually gotten around to making them yet… if I ever do, I’ll get back to you on that!

    • Lara says:

      Please do let me know how it goes! I’m eager to figure out if it was just the kind of tea I used or not :) It may just have not been sweet enough.

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