Moist Chocolate Layer Cake

04/22/2011 by Lara • 9 Comments Pin It

Recipe: Foodess' Moist Chocolate Cake
Total time: 1 hour
Ease: Easy
Unusual ingredients: buttermilk, coffee, cocoa

I was having a bad week. I knew that, on the weekend, I was going to want something to totally indulge in. Enter the easiest, most delicious chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten that wasn’t from a box.

I knew I wanted to make something chocolatey, I knew I wanted it to be super easy, and I also knew I wanted it to be able to hold up a few days til I was able to devour it. I saw this recipe come through on Pinterest and I made it that night!

You’ll notice I had a different color frosting in between than on top and on the sides; I had some frosting left over from making the Hostess Cake Pops and used the last half a can in between the layers. These are the best kind of leftovers!

I’m no cake decorator, but after a rough day, all I wanted to do was fall into some serious OCD and spend an hour decorating this cake. It was glorious. Honestly, the candy chips didn’t taste all that good and I ended up picking them off as I ate the cake later – but they were so much fun to put on!

After taking the single slice picture, I realized that my newly decorated cake resembled the favorite game in our house – Ms Pacman!

The coffee flavor really brings out the chocolate in the cake (like it needed help, ha!). The buttermilk takes it into the seriously moist category of cake. No final tips for this one – the recipe is incredibly straightforward and easy to whip up the next time you have a cake emergency!

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  1. sonia says:

    Hi There, This is looking absolutely delightful. Very nicely made and presented. Have a great day !!!

  2. Eftychia says:

    This cake looks fantastic, and delicious as well!

  3. Sophia says:

    This cake looks phenomenal! You did a great job! Even if the candy buttons didn’t taste very good, they do really add some color to the cake! I bet the whole thing was delicious!

  4. sweet road says:

    This looks absolutely delicious and so moist/dense… the type of chocolate cake I am always looking to make! The only thing is that the link you put in the post is not a direct link to the recipe and I cannot find the recipe you used (there are so many cakes under link!). Could you maybe send it to me or fix the link in your post??


    • Lara says:

      Hi there! Click the link at the very top of the post, underneath the title – the one that says Foodesss’ Moist Chocolate Cake!

  5. Margie says:

    From one Pacman fanatic to another… that cake looks amazing! I’m pretty sure you scored extra points with this one.

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  8. Candy says:

    im looking to bake this cake for my sister, im nt so good at baking…
    just wanted to kno doea this cake turn out moist n yummy, my sis will really love me if it does!! :P
    any tips so that i dnt mess it up???

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