Hostess Cupcake balls (and pops!)

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Recipe: SugarDerby's Homemade Hostess Cupcake Cake Balls
Total time: 3 hours
Ease: Intermediate
Unusual ingredients: cake mix, frosting, marshmallow fluff, sprinkles

I was approached by my good friend Anne Ruthmann to make some cake pops for her open studio. I’m always thankful for an opportunity to bake things that I can give away (so I don’t end up eating them all!) and I jumped at the chance to get a little fancy with these pops.

I happened across SugarDerby’s guide to making miniature Hostess Cupcakes, and hilarity ensued.

I am endlessly thankful for my husband’s help in the kitchen. As I started to lose my mind rolling and creating little holes in the cake, he jumped in with an excellent suggestion – how about we turn half the cake mix into pops, and the other half into the balls with filling? Fine idea. And he also helped quite a bit creating the ‘toupees’ for the filled ones!

Adorable. I’m so glad that we stuck with the plan of half pops, half Hostess cupcake balls – it saved me a ton of brain power. I like using colored candy for the lollipop sticks; it adds a fun crunch to the end!

The marshmallow filling was a ton of fun to make; I’m going to keep that recipe in mind for future cupcake fillings. Honestly, the hardest part of the whole event was creating the little white squiggly lines for the top of the Hostess ones – I used a little icing pen and I still couldn’t get them to look quite right! But they don’t need to look perfect, as they’re consumed in a millisecond:

I’m partial to cake pops that have sprinkles on them, and I know Anne is too. It adds a crunchy texture to the top on your first bite, and makes eating the pops much more fun! Don’t skimp on the sprinkles, either – I recommend using the very tiny ones (not the long sprinkles).

Final tips:

  • don’t try to dip the entire cake ball in the chocolate unless you’ve got it on a stick; the results can be disastrous. I ended up spooning the melted chocolate on top, which actually pretty closely resembles how the Hostess cupcakes look!
  • remember to leave enough cake for the toupees. We forgot to leave enough, and had to dismantle some cake pops to cover the tops of some of the cake balls!

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  1. This idea is pure genius! I have never seen a hostess cupcake ball before, but it is such a good idea. All those yummy flavors in an easy pop in your mouth treat with no mess left behind. Love it.

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