Chocolate Pear Cake

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Recipe: Cake Crumbs and Cooking's Chocolate Pear Cake
Total time: 15 min prep, 1 hour baking
Ease: easy
Unusual ingredients: pear, caster sugar

I’m lucky to have some fantastic friends who live in my town, and after I baked up this easy little chocolate cake, I brought it over to share with them. The feedback was exactly what I was thinking: more pears!

This recipe only calls for one pear on top. Honestly, it could have easily had a layer of pears in between the batter, or another pear on the top of the cake. The cake itself is fine; it is on the dense side, almost like a brownie (but not quite). The cake is a little boring; no particular flavors other than the mellow chocolate. It really needs the pears to spice it up, and I’m definitely going to use more of them next time.

I also skipped the semolina part of it and used what the original-original recipe had said – 50g self-raising flour. I used a scale to weigh everything, so I don’t have the conversions written down. But there are so few ingredients, it didn’t take long to prep at all, even with the conversions!

My pear also sunk into the cake, which I actually liked. I was expecting the chocolate cake to bake away from the pear a bit and leave a few holes, but the pear slices dug right in and were, for the most part, invisible.

Since the cake was so dense, it didn’t end up particularly tall, so if you’re looking for a larger cake to feed more people, you may want to make a double batch of this. Or, you may want to try this standby super easy moist chocolate cake.

Final tips:

  • Use more pears. Really go to town with them. This recipe only calls for one.
  • Consider an icing or something else to moisten the cake up a bit. It errs on the dry side.

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  1. betty says:

    sourcream might work! and abit less in oven time too, but i can imagine how nice this would taste yum :)

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